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Lori Anne’s Whale Week Party

My sister, Lori, had a party of her own the the Sunday after Whale Week. She emailed “I shared Justin’s painting and Chris’s poems they were greatly enjoyed.  We thought it ironic that Winston and Willie shared similar themes.” Below is a picture of the whale cake she created. The video is a performance of one of her participants.




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Willie the Whale

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Whale Week in Review

I could not imagine the positive effects of a whale-cake-only diet, but I lost more than 5 lbs. For those of you that did not attend on Sunday posted below are the positive effects of the opening night of Whale Week 2012. My two roommates, Justin and Chris, exhibited their wonderful talents in art. Justin’s painting was quite a surprise because I had forgotten he had asked my opinion before undertaking the project. Chris wasn’t fully satisfied after reading his poem, so while we began consuming whale cake and whale cookies, he went away and wrote a second poem. Thank you both for bringing the evening great joy. Although Whale Week is again now a year away, spend the entirety of those three hundred and sixty-six saving the whales.


my days are numbered & so are my hours

I cannot recall when I last saw man’s towers

I have been lost, lost in the sky

and all of my crew long ago died

there is a creature which lurks in the aether

a nemesis to whom, my destruction must matter

some kind of fiend whom science did maul

and we know nothing else save it’s name’s Ironwall

I am a captain alone, and thus have no power

it’s as if it’s long know just what makes me cower

it’s as if my own death was part of its plan

a cold clockwork mind transcending a man’s

I’ve married my blade, it joins me in dreams

but I know when I wake it can’t kill machines

can’t kill the horrors that replaced all the things

which nature once gave but now run on steam

endless the sky, I am so alone

counting the hours I still have to own

the sky is so vast & my tears are so small

I wish they fueled God as much as Ironwall

a. nikki inkcraft

Winston McAdmiral Pericles von Darling III

Have you met Winston? he’s an effing cool whale

don’t look at his privates, I’ll tell you he’s male

he carries a gun just like all bad-asses do

and he smokes on a pipe just to prove it is true

he’s a sperm whale if you catch my drift

and I cant say no more for my mother’d be miffed

he’s a government spy, he’s saved the world twice

and Chuck Norris’ ass?  Well he kicked it thrice

for lunch he eats ninjas, for breakfast marines

and for a light snack, he ate Wolverine

he split the atom, he fathered the queen

it’s him who is referenced in MLK’s dream

he’ll punch & he’ll kick, he’ll even start biting

he’s even the reason that Waldo is hiding

so next time you smoke, or enjoy a cold beer

remember that Winston’s the reason were here

not just because he saved the world twice

but because he made humans through a genetic gene splice

a. nikki inkcraft

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Who’s for sushi?

These will be the last comments I make about the whale cake diet. I played basketball for just over an hour Thursday night. I am out of shape, but I could feel that without real energy fueled by protein, I was unable to perform at least to my current physical ability. I can’t wait to replenish with a nice meal of sushi (you know krill or squid as the whales devour).

Now to the whales. Kimberly’s shared memory on Sunday about her whale encounter made me dream about my hopes for one.

I imagine it somewhat similarly as many romance stories, especially in film, portray. I have ventured to the Bering Sea to encounter the Bowhead Whale. I have my SCUBA and cold water gear on. As I swim around with my companions I start to lose hope that this venture will bring any meeting of man and whale. I’m not certain, but I believe I begin to hear whale song. It seems so distant and it’s not clear from which direction the sounds are emanating. Just then, as I slowly turn to to view the opposite direction, a whale comes into view. I am surprised that it was able to appear without my seeing it approaching. I am calm; however, as it seems to be. The whole experience moves before my eyes and mind at a less than normal pace.

As a person sees their enchanted someone passing by them in a cab, there is nothing I can do to stop the whale’s progress. It seems that there is no possible chance for a future conversation or embrace, and this one is nearly over. We catch eyesight of one another and I try to plead that it pause its journey so that I may understand it. I perceive that it understands me. It knows my desire. It foresees that if perhaps we could converse, I could not ever come to comprehend its grandeur. The whale has passed, as has the moment. I stare transfixed as it gracefully glides away, peacefully pushing a great mass of water with it’s powerful tail fin. Although depressed with abandonment, I am glorified by communion.

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Second Whale

With the help of the attendees on Sunday, I am now already on to the second whale cake. This one is traditionally sound as it has the blue jello powder coating that I forgot on the first. I walked into a grocery store to pick up some more frosting. It was painful to smell the rotisserie chicken under the lamps; to see the baked goods for Valentine’s Day; to imagine the crunchy fake popcorn in between my teeth. This will be most disappointing for my diet will ruin my experience at the movie theater tomorrow– no popcorn. With the worry of others on my behalf, I have thought further that what I lack more than food enjoyment is nutrition. However, this is not a downside. I am able to sympathize with Ishmael, Queequeg and all the crew of the Pequod as I now have the fear of scurvy before me.



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Real Food

I want to again thank all who attended Sunday night for the Whale Week opening. It was good to have Chris, Justin, Chris, Patrick and Kimberly as first-timers. It was kind of Kimberly to share her story about whale breaching and hopes for future breaching. With their permission, I will later this week post the art that our hosts created.

As I begin the whale cake diet, I can tell that the end of the week will be difficult. I already miss eating actual, wholesome foods like fruits, meats and more.





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Whale Cake Challenge

Welcome to Whale Week 2012!

This is the 10th Anniversary celebration and I thank you for participating as well as those in past years who have shared their love with our wet friends, the whales.

I offer gratitude to our hosts, my roommates, the esteemed Justin and Chris Turner. They have helped save Jamestown for some time now. Please get to know them as the night progresses.


“However, a good laugh is a mighty good thing, and rather too scarce a good thing; the more’s the pity. So, if any one man, in his own proper person, afford stuff for a good joke to anybody, let him not be backward, but let him cheerfully allow himself to spend and to be spent in that way. And the man that has anything bountifully laughable about him, be sure there is more in that man than you perhaps think for.”

—Moby Dick


Whale Week has engendered such a theme of laughter throughout the years including its beginnings through making fun of J.D. Sheppard and Garrick Brady because, well, they weren’t 6 feet tall 125 lbs like some of the rest of us. Most of the comical sentiment is that this event is somewhat ironic or facetious. However, while much of what I will now say is of the same vein, these thoughts also have basis in my mind and heart.

Whales are the most majestic creatures on earth. Their migrations are comparable only to a few. Blue Whales are the largest animal ever to have existed. Sperm whales are one of the fiercest predators. Orcas are some of the most intelligent creatures. It is thought that Bowhead Whales live over 100 years. Although my hope is to one day swim with these animals, I no longer see their purpose for the world.

Shocking as this may sound coming from me, listen to my evaluation. The once great whales, namely the Right Whales, Sperm Whales and the Humpback Whales, were hunted for the resources which their bodies contained. Now that their oil and other products have been replaced by more efficient synthetics or substitutes and that environmental protection has offered a hug, the whales are safe. But I have thought that their safety is much like that of a panda. What does a stupid, although cute, panda offer this world? My first introduction to this view of the panda was from David Plotz of Sure they may keep the world’s bamboo growth in check, but for the most part they are taken out of their environment for our zooing pleasure. Whales have a far better life in the sea, but it seems that their role is to maintain the population of krill, giant squid and seals. Maybe I’m understating the value of this service.

That’s the pragmatist inside me: what is the importance of our interfering in the world of the ocean. The hippie inside me would say (picture my long hair) “there is a lot to learn from these behemoths.” Truly there isn’t; they’re animals. However, I think what that hippie is saying is to exhibit behavior and practices that have an air of longevity to them. This specifically means to participate in activities that prolong the world’s existence. This doesn’t require us to forsake all and join Greenpeace or head to Woods Hole, MA and study oceanography, but it does ask to support our planet. I suggest you follow the simple ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra. Apply ‘save the whales’ to not just those mammals, but all creatures, especially humankind. For this week, I have charged myself to eat a diet of Whale Cake. This is my tribute to whales and my pledge to Earth.

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Whale Week 2012 Announcement