Posted by: 1amwhale | February 17, 2012

Who’s for sushi?

These will be the last comments I make about the whale cake diet. I played basketball for just over an hour Thursday night. I am out of shape, but I could feel that without real energy fueled by protein, I was unable to perform at least to my current physical ability. I can’t wait to replenish with a nice meal of sushi (you know krill or squid as the whales devour).

Now to the whales. Kimberly’s shared memory on Sunday about her whale encounter made me dream about my hopes for one.

I imagine it somewhat similarly as many romance stories, especially in film, portray. I have ventured to the Bering Sea to encounter the Bowhead Whale. I have my SCUBA and cold water gear on. As I swim around with my companions I start to lose hope that this venture will bring any meeting of man and whale. I’m not certain, but I believe I begin to hear whale song. It seems so distant and it’s not clear from which direction the sounds are emanating. Just then, as I slowly turn to to view the opposite direction, a whale comes into view. I am surprised that it was able to appear without my seeing it approaching. I am calm; however, as it seems to be. The whole experience moves before my eyes and mind at a less than normal pace.

As a person sees their enchanted someone passing by them in a cab, there is nothing I can do to stop the whale’s progress. It seems that there is no possible chance for a future conversation or embrace, and this one is nearly over. We catch eyesight of one another and I try to plead that it pause its journey so that I may understand it. I perceive that it understands me. It knows my desire. It foresees that if perhaps we could converse, I could not ever come to comprehend its grandeur. The whale has passed, as has the moment. I stare transfixed as it gracefully glides away, peacefully pushing a great mass of water with it’s powerful tail fin. Although depressed with abandonment, I am glorified by communion.


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