Posted by: 1amwhale | February 19, 2012

Whale Week in Review

I could not imagine the positive effects of a whale-cake-only diet, but I lost more than 5 lbs. For those of you that did not attend on Sunday posted below are the positive effects of the opening night of Whale Week 2012. My two roommates, Justin and Chris, exhibited their wonderful talents in art. Justin’s painting was quite a surprise because I had forgotten he had asked my opinion before undertaking the project. Chris wasn’t fully satisfied after reading his poem, so while we began consuming whale cake and whale cookies, he went away and wrote a second poem. Thank you both for bringing the evening great joy. Although Whale Week is again now a year away, spend the entirety of those three hundred and sixty-six saving the whales.


my days are numbered & so are my hours

I cannot recall when I last saw man’s towers

I have been lost, lost in the sky

and all of my crew long ago died

there is a creature which lurks in the aether

a nemesis to whom, my destruction must matter

some kind of fiend whom science did maul

and we know nothing else save it’s name’s Ironwall

I am a captain alone, and thus have no power

it’s as if it’s long know just what makes me cower

it’s as if my own death was part of its plan

a cold clockwork mind transcending a man’s

I’ve married my blade, it joins me in dreams

but I know when I wake it can’t kill machines

can’t kill the horrors that replaced all the things

which nature once gave but now run on steam

endless the sky, I am so alone

counting the hours I still have to own

the sky is so vast & my tears are so small

I wish they fueled God as much as Ironwall

a. nikki inkcraft

Winston McAdmiral Pericles von Darling III

Have you met Winston? he’s an effing cool whale

don’t look at his privates, I’ll tell you he’s male

he carries a gun just like all bad-asses do

and he smokes on a pipe just to prove it is true

he’s a sperm whale if you catch my drift

and I cant say no more for my mother’d be miffed

he’s a government spy, he’s saved the world twice

and Chuck Norris’ ass?  Well he kicked it thrice

for lunch he eats ninjas, for breakfast marines

and for a light snack, he ate Wolverine

he split the atom, he fathered the queen

it’s him who is referenced in MLK’s dream

he’ll punch & he’ll kick, he’ll even start biting

he’s even the reason that Waldo is hiding

so next time you smoke, or enjoy a cold beer

remember that Winston’s the reason were here

not just because he saved the world twice

but because he made humans through a genetic gene splice

a. nikki inkcraft



  1. whales r the best!

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